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Candle Safety And Burning Tips in Dubai - CandlesDubai :  Guidelines for General Safety and Burning Tips, Do'd and Don't - to help you have a Better Candle User Experience
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 Guidelines for General Safety When Burning Candles, Do's and Don't Tips towards a Better Candle User Experience.

Read Carefully and Seek Professional Help in Case of Doubt
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Burning Candles Tips Do's & Don't :
Storing Candles and Candle Accessories:
Cleaning Candle Residue & Wax:
Please Observe the 3 Golden Safety Rules These are general guidelines to help you have a Use these guidelines at your own risk - CandleDubai
Pillar Candles 1. Never leave a burning candle unattended wonderful candle user experience. holds no responsibility whatsoever from following these
2. Never Burn a Candle on or Near  Anything Keep in Mind that: guidelines - we advise seeking professional help in
Glass Jar Candles that might catch fire. 1.Candles are made of wax, hence they are sensitive removing wax be it fabrics, furniture, crystal
3. Keep candles out of the reach of Children to temperature variations. glassware, ceramics etc from cleaning companies.
Tin Candles and Pets. 2. Color Candles contain colors which are 1.Soot on glass containers can be cleaned with a
Always Adhere to Basic Fire and Safety sensitive to light. paper towel napkin - only when the candles have
Votive Candles Rules when Burning Candles. 3. Scented Candles contain fragrances and oils been extinguished and cooled sufficiently.
which are sensitive to  heat and light. 2. Its possible to remove wax from clothes using
Floating Candles Below we have outlined some general 4. Glass Jar Containers are made of glass and are blotting paper and hot iron press ( use caution and
guidelines for Using Candles. susceptible to scratching, cracking, chipping and refer to an expert if unsure of the material or process)
Tea Light Candles A. Before Burning A Candle :- shattering. 3.Hair dryers can also be used to remove wax traces
1. Remove all packing material from the  5. Tin candles are made of metal hence are prone to clinging to hard surface ( use caution to ensure the
Scented Candles Candles before hand. dents, bending and distortion of shape. material is not heat sensitive).
2.  Trim the wick to 1/4" or 3 mm each time, 5. Do not use harsh cleaning chemicals or solvents
Bees Wax Candles every time, before you light up the candle, What you need to do to store candle properly: to clean or remove wax from any surface or material
because bent-crooked long wick can cause 6. Store candles in a cool dry and dark place away leave it to expert and professional cleaning services.
Romantic Candles the candle to burn un-evenly and may also from sources of direct heat, bright light, strong odours
cause flaring or dripping of candles. and temperature variations.
LED Flame Less Candles 3. Always use appropriate candle holders 7. Colors candles may fade if exposed to direct
for the candle you are using. sunlight and or any other source of strong light, keep
Earth Hour Candles 4. Always take care to see that the room them wrapped / covered, store them in a dark place.
where you burn the candle in well ventilated. 8. Scented Candles if in a jar, always store them with
National Day Candles 5. To prevent damage to other furniture lid tightly closed, keep the jar of the same fragrance
place the candle and candle holders on together, avoid mixing scented pillar candles when
Wedding Candles heat resistant surface and make sure they storing. Use aluminum foils or cling film if long time
are sturdy and firm. It may also help prevent storage is planned and club same scents together in
glass containers from cracking and breaking box or cartons.
Festival Candles 6. Before and during the burning process 9.Ideal storage temperature is less than 27degrees C
please see to it that the wax pool (melted & above 0 degrees C.
We cater to special requests wax of the candle) is kept clear of wick 10. Avoid glass to glass contact when storing glass
trimmings,pieces from match sticks or any containers, glass candle holders, crystal glass etc.
Ordering: debris, as they may be combustible and use of bubble wrap packing is desirable when storing.
pose  a fire hazard. 11. Tin Candle are best stored away from moisture
For Bulk Orders 7. Choose the location of candle in such a way and damp place, with lids tightly closed.
to avoid direct  air currents, air drafts (draught) 12. Store Pillar Candles upright to avoid loosing
For Local U.A.E or vents, because this may cause rapid  or shape.
uneven burning of the candle. It may also
For G.C.C and Middle East produce soot or excessive dripping of candles.
8. When available refer to manufacturer label,
For International recommendations on burn time and proper use.
B. While Burning A Candle :-
10. While the candle is burning, never try to touch or
move a lighted pillar candle, or a container glass jar
candle or a votive candle or a tin jar candle, when the
wax is still in the molten state, because the surface
and or the wax may be too hot and may cause burns,
11. As much as possible avoid the temptation
of burning the candles all the way down. Resist
from burning candles when they are 2 inches from
the bottom or 12 mm in case of container jar candles.
12. Distance between the individual candles should
ideally be more than 3-4 inches apart, to avoid the
possibility of them burning each other out. Also
very close distance often causes the candles to
burn improperly, smoke, flicker or flare due to the draft(draught)
they create. Keep the flame still.
Many different things can cause this
Heat and A/C vents, ceiling fans, windows
and even doorways can create a draft, and can
cause incomplete combustion resulting
in your candle not burning properly
13. If at any time you notice a flare up or too much soot or
flickering of the candle, take the immediate step of
extinguishing it, allow the wax and wick to cool, trim
the wick and place it away from direct air draft.
14. Before moving out of the room or locking the
room, kindly extinguish all lighted candles - out of
sight is out of mind, so always keep an eye  on the
candles you burn.
15. Burn candles in a well ventilated room, avoid
tight corners or poorly ventilated spaces or burning
too many candles in a place where air circulation is
poor or has limited air exchange.
16. Never use candles as night lamps or leave them
burning when you are sleeping.
17. Never use candles to show light when re-fueling
using gasoline. kerosene or any inflammable liquid.
18. Keep Burning candles away from room curtains,
bedsheets, wardrobes, carpets, papers, books, pets,
children, the elderly and the sick or any material in
your knowledge that may catch fire or is inflammable.
candles, a wavering wick will produce sooty smoke.
All Jar Candles should be burned for a
minimum of 3 hours at each time to best
utilise wax and avoid wax lingering to sides.
Candles in glass jars may cause more soot as it burns down, as the oxygen needed is reduced.
Remember scented candles are not like normal pillar or votive candles and
all scented candles produce a certain amount of soot, the reason - 
scented candles contains fragrance oils,
the more the fragrance, naturally higher the
oil concentration, the more soot it will produce
But still, the pleasure may far outweigh
any discomfort of smoke or soot.
B. When You Extinguish A Burning Candle :-
19. As much as possible use a candle snuffer to
extinguish a candle, to avoid hot wax from the
candle to splatter on you or the surroundings.
When you blow out a candle you sometimes get
lots of smoke or a glowing wick which will
continue to smoke for a while. This smoke
contains soot and as well the smoke will distort
the lovely aroma your candle has spent so long releasing
20. Never use any liquid to extinguish a candle, even
water, as this might crack any hot glass surface,
glass containers and candle holders included.
21. Make sure the  candle wick is not simmering
and is completely extinguish before you leave the
candle or the room.
22. Make sure the candle and the container is
completely cooled before trying to touch or move it.
23. Do not use sharp or pointed objects like knife to
remove or displace wax  from any surface as it may
cause scratches and damage the object making it
unfit for next use.
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Earth Hour Candles
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Color Candles
Color Candles have been manufactured from the time when humans developed a need to deviate from the basic necessity of light toward artistic endeavor , to become  more creative an  expressive in  their feelings through color and design. Color candles not only look beautiful but carry an underlining meaning and message too. Though in daily life few people pay attention to it other than the aesthetic value or feel -look good. Whereas those spiritually inclined may use specific colors on specific occasion and time, signifying, peace, joy, rituals, dreams, happiness, spiritual inclination, moods and more. Candlesdubai  can make colored candles on  request and special orders, that may be expensive, dark colors being at premium.  Standard colored candles available . Subject to stocks at a given  time. (color significance chart available on request).
Glass Jar Candles
Glass though invisible, it's a barrier  which may be hard to reach, both from inside and outside. It can be colored cut polished and shaped into objects of art and beauty. Eco friendly hard durable, inexpensive, glass jars can last for centuries. Glass jar candles have been in vogue from generations. The simplicity of use with inherent transparent  properties have contributed to the popularity of  glass jar candles. Available in different size, color and shapes, glass jar candles come filled with natural fragrance and oils to ignite you senses or relax your mood. At Candlesdubai, glass jar candles are made from 100% pure beeswax, and or soy/ palm/ coconut/ palm wax.. Added perfume and colors to match. Simply a perfect tool to enhance your mood, make you relax and enjoy. To light a glass jar candle, in a spa or a romantic dinner with your love is just right thing to do. It's soothing light can create miracles.
Scented Candles
Candles Dubai collections offer scented candles in a wide range of  fragrances. Find unique candle scents to brighten and freshen your living spaces. Relax, unwind with the all time soothing effect of only premium natural fragrances, coupled with candle light to transform your home, office, spa, restaurant or outdoor space into a heavenly abode. Floral, oriental, citrus, spicy, food and sweet fragrances. Candlesdubai  can make you the perfect scented  candles of your choice - against pre-orders only (terms and conditions apply). Available : Scented pillar candles, scented glass jar candles, scented candles in tins, scented votive candles, scented tealight candles.
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Bees Wax Candles
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At Candles Dubai, we on special request from our elite customers, arrange to import, special hand carved sculpted candles from Holland and other independent designers. Beautiful but expensive these are collectors candles, all hand carved and hand sculpted by artisans who are following the age old tradition of candle manufacturing and skill handed down by their forefathers. 
Votive Candles
Offering a wide range of votive or mini pillar candles, to suit every need. Be it a wedding, a party, a social gathering or a regular requirement for hotels restaurant or spa. We at candledubai can find one that fits your votive holder size and your budget. Available in standard size and color. These cute little candles can also be ordered in different colors or scents (subject to minimum order - conditions apply).   Accentuate the ambiance of your home, restaurant, party, event, or just greet your guest with these simple affordable votive candles available at candlesdubai , make any occasion an special one. 
Romantic Candles
Fresh Flowers, perfume, colorful satin and lace - a sure formula for a romantic setting, but would be incomplete without the presence of the most important element - CANDLES - true with its soft glow and natural flicker, candles can change the whole ambiance from boredom to love and romance.  At candlesdubai find the right combination of heart shape or personalized candles, with name, message, picture or photograph of your loved one, to make the romantic idea set in. Email us: info@candlesdubai.com  or call +971 55 8287316 for inquiry. 
Festival Candles
Festivals brings in joy, gaiety, fun, color and light. In every part of the world celebration and festivals are marked by decorations and lights. Candles have been used since the time candles were invented to light up homes and places of worship. At candlesdubai, we have special candles for  each festival, be it Christmas, New Year, Diwali, Dashera or Ramadan candle lanterns. Different candles type, size. color, shapes, scents are all available. Customization is also accepted. 
Giant Candles
Small is good, big is better but Giant is simply awesome. We at candlesdubai manufacture giant candles up to  2 meter high and 1 foot thick. Other shapes of huge giant wax candles can also be made on prior order and request. If you have a stunning proposition and daring to go, we can help you handle your project or event. Let us hear from you. 
Floating Candles
Floating Candle is the most preferred source of  illuminating and creating reflections in any water space. It can be in your pool bobbing up and down and flickering or coolly floating in a fish bowl, even in a glass cylinder with flowers as a center piece of a wedding reception. Floating candles create the fire on water effect, unique but dramatic, add to to it the gentle fragrance   emancipating  from the heart of these tiny floating candles, the result can be a warm and gentle, an atmosphere worth enjoying with someone you love. Available at candlesdubai in different sizes colors and  shapes. Floating base, luminara on  prior order. 
LED Flame Less Candles
The most innovative and best quality wax flameless LED candles are now available at candlesdubai. Flameless candles are available in different sizes with or without remote control. Real flame effect, dancing flame effect can be recharged or run on electricity. Ideal for use in gardens and patios, available as flameless pillar candles, flameless votive candles, flameless tealight candles or large garden luminara. Colors, logos and customization for personal, hotels, restaurants and Corporate clients is available now.
New Candles
At Candles Dubai it is our constant endeavor to innovate, develop and source new candles and candle related products from around the globe. New designs, colors, latest fragrances, assorted sizes and shapes are what we seek to bring to our customers. Customizing candles  for  personal and corporate gifts is our specialty. Corporate gifts, hotel and spa candles, wedding candles, candles for new born babies, baptism candles, graduation candles, anniversary candles, scented glass jar candles, tin candles we do it all at Candles Dubai. 
Candles for Occasions
You have an occasion we have the candle - at candlesdubai. Candles for new born babies, baptism candles, wedding candles. memory candles, anniversary candles, graduation candles, farewell candles, romantic candles. All our candles are hand crafted by our very own designers and craftsmen, in house. We a have  long list of satisfied customers, would be bride and bride grooms, happily married couple, fathers and mothers of new born babies, proud graduates and more..   Email us: info@candlesdubai.com  or call +971 55 8287316 for inquiry.
History of Candles
Candles have a long history dating back to biblical times. In latin the word 'candera' means 'to shine', it is the source from which the word candle seems to have been derived. Since its humble beginning candles have evolved not only in how they look but also how they are made. The need to light up his surrounding, arose from the fact that man is afraid of the dark. This fear forced him to find material which could burn and give him light and heat, though wood was the natural choice but its hard to light on its own. Man soon learned to cook and roast his kill, the process was the key to the realisation that fat in the animal not only prolong the fire but also flared it up.   When and how did he learn to use the tallow or fat to make torches - is debatable. It is sad that even in the age of mobile and internet, people in many parts of the world still use oil or tallow to light up their homes. Candle making developed in different parts of the world independently. Petroleum and electricity were the two contributing factors for the decline of candle making industry during the last century.  You can read more....
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